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“Never your fault”

L'Oréal paris’ new campaign to support its stand up against street harassment program

For International Anti Street Harassment Week, L’Oréal Paris, for its Stand Up against street harassment training program, reveals the new movie of the “Never your fault” campaign initially launched for International Women’s Day.

Taking a Stand: Fighting against sexual harassment in public spaces

All over the world, 80% of women have already experienced sexual harassment in a public space at least once in their lives. And for 52% of respondents, women are sometimes to be blamed for situations of sexual harassment in public spaces due to their attitudes, behavior, or appearance.

47% of women have personally experienced sexually suggestive or intrusive comments or jokes about their appearance, clothing, anatomy or looks in a public space.

To avoid these types of situations, 60% of them adapt their clothing or appearance in public spaces.

Those are the findings of a new international survey conducted by Ipsos for L’Oréal Paris on sexual harassment in public spaces in 2023.

Those figures show the crucial need to shift the mindset on sexual harassment. Because despite the worldwide prevalence of this issue, misconceptions remain. Sometimes, women end up blaming themselves for being harassed, when in reality, it’s never their fault.


And this is why, for International Anti Street Harassment Week, L’Oréal Paris unveils its new hero movie for its “Never your fault.” campaign.True to its mission, L’Oréal Paris, through this new campaign, aims to empower women and remind them of their right to be who they are.

 Stand up





“L’Oréal Paris has always given power to women, championed and celebrated women’s empowerment aiming to create a world where women are visible, powerful, decision makers. A large study shows that 2 women out of 3 are changing their physical appearance to avoid street harassment. That’s the reason why L’Oréal Paris launched this new “Never your fault” campaign, shifting the mindset on sexual harassment. The message to women is “It’s never your fault, your clothes, nor your make-up. And everyone should be reminded of it. Every day.”


Delphine Viguier-Hovasse, Global President of L’Oréal Paris

Don't blame your ... 

Dont blame your lipstick
Street Harassment is never your fault
Dont blame your dress

For more than half a century, L’Oréal Paris has been relentless in its dedication to breaking down barriers that prevent women from asserting their self-worth. L’Oréal Paris is committed to change everyone’s mind, to stand for an inclusive, fair, and respectful world. Because street harassment goes against everything L’Oréal Paris stands for, the brand launched Stand Up against street harassment in 2020 in partnership with Right To Be.

This program is focused on raising awareness about this global issue and training people on how to react safely when experiencing or witnessing it, based on the 5D’s methodology created by Right To Be, an international NGO expert in the fight against harassment of all forms. To date, more than 2,5 million people have been trained with Stand Up across 44 countries.


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