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L’Oréal's inaugural Tech Showcase in Singapore introduces infrared hairdryer, the AirLight Pro

Originally unveiled at CES 2024, L’Oréal, in partnership with Zuvi, had developed the AirLight Pro, a hair dryer that prioritises hair health and damage.

The hair dryer utilises Zuvi’s patented LightCare technology - which uses infrared light and high-speed air drying technology to dry hair efficiently while preserving moisture and smoothness. Most importantly, it reduces the damage to your hair compared to conventional hot-air drying techniques that use a heating coil in the device.

The professional-grade hair-drying tool uses a special 17-blade, high-speed motor and patented infrared tungsten-halogen bulb technology made for efficient drying without excessive heat. To accompany the AirLight Pro, a phone app allows users to personalise settings based on their hair types and preferences. 

L'Oréal had made a minority investment in Zuvi to support the development of the AirLight Pro, which will launch in the U.S. and Europe in 2024 through L'Oréal's professional Professionnel brand for hairdressers and hairstylists. However, the hairdryer would also be available to both hair professionals and consumers.

There is no mention of when the AirLight Pro will be coming to Singapore, but we will update when the prices and availability are out.

Over at the showcase event, there was also the Lancôme Skin Screen, which does an advanced skin analysis based on 8 skin clinical parameters. The device analyses variables like skin texture and clogged pores, through a combination of tri-polar light technology and an advanced algorithm that measures and assesses skin health.

To better combine technology with beauty, L'Oréal also had the Water Saver, which the brand claims to have up to 69% in water savings (compared to the average water flow from salon waterheads). 

The Water Saver divides the flow to create droplets 10 times smaller than normal, and has the ability to combine the liquid with micronised hair-care formulas for better product distribution, absorption and improved efficiency. There is also a nifty website that tracks the total amount of water saved using the Water Saver worldwide.


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