Inside the Quality Laboratory

We make 4 main categories of control when we make the controls at the end of production, the first category of control is to ensure the safety of the consumer, the second category of control is to ensure the effectiveness of the product, we also ensure the well-being of the consumer, the texture, the galenic and then of course the good functioning and the aspect of the product in itself. In the context of quality, we have 2 major certifications, the certification of our quality management system is the ISO 9000, we also have a certification to the good manufacturing practices of cosmetics, the ISO 22 716, as part of our production of products for the United States, Canada, Australia, these are almost drugs so we have approvals with the American FDA, the Australian TGA and with Health Canada. In the quality department, here at the factory, we have about 60 employees; the employees are technicians in the control laboratories, chemists, microbiologists, we also have industrialization engineers, the industrialization of formulas and the industrialization of packaging.
A product manufactured by L’Oréal undergoes 100 quality controls, from the arrival of the raw materials and packaging items, throughout the production process until the control in the laboratory.