YSL Beauty - Juleah Aiken: Why Is Empowering Women and Girls so Important?

Interview of Juleah Aiken, Global Sustainability and Communication Manager at Yves Saint Laurent Beauty: “And over the past couple of years, I have been creating, developing and launching Abuse Is Not Love, our international program to prevent and fight against intimate partner violence. You might ask, why is empowering women and girls so important? Well, in fact, it has a huge ripple effect, into both social and environmental spheres. And many experts believe that if we don’t achieve sustainable development goals n°5, empowering women and girls, that we actually won’t achieve any of the other sustainable development goals by 2030. And that, is something to think about. Empowerment it’s a process, it’s growth, it’s change, it’s about liberation. And I hope, in my job, that I can contribute even just a little bit to someone feeling most beautifully themselves. And in the end, I just want to help create beauty that moves the world.”