L’Oréal partners with STATION F

[Music] 00:06 it's a huge project that we're going to 00:09 host with the startups that are educated 00:12 to digital beauty and beg them 00:14 successful 00:24 the first thing is we are really looking 00:26 at two different kinds of startups the 00:28 first is really around beauty tech and 00:30 the second is really digital native 00:31 beauty startups it's gonna reinforce our 00:36 digital leadership and this is going to 00:38 help us accelerate even further go for 00:40 it be bold be creative 00:43 [Music]
L’Oréal is the official sponsor of the exclusive beauty accelerator within STATION F, the Parisian campus designed to host a startup ecosystem under one roof. The L’Oréal beauty accelerator will welcome up to 20 high potential early-stage startups starting in January 2018.