A catwalk at 10,000 meters altitude

A Boeing 747, Germany’s most influential bloggers, a flight to New York and a fashion show 10.000 meters above the clouds. How can that fit together?

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REDKEN and Lufthansa collaborated for the world premiere of a dedicated Fashion Flight during New York Fashion Week 2017. For the first time ever Lufthansa hosted a Fashion Show in a flying airplane. For this special occasion, the German airline worked with REDKEN 5th Ave. There were not just regular passengers, but also lifestyle and fashion editors, influencers and TV broadcasters invited to the flight.

The most fashionable way to get to NYFW

The journey started with an event at the gate in Frankfurt. Upon arrival at the airport, influencers and passengers had the possibility to get professional hairstyles by REDKEN Artist Marco Arena (Frankfurt am Main) and TheRedken5 Stylist Gianni di Franca (Munich).

“Via Facebook Live and Instagram Stories we were able to offer brand-new and highly relevant content to our community, while engaging directly with the consumers”, says Timo Raab, Brand Communication, REDKEN Germany.

On the flight to New York the complex part for the REDKEN artists began

While the regular passengers relaxed and had lunch on the plane, the REDKEN artists on the upper part of the jumbo began to style eight models and crew members for the fashion show. After almost two hours of preparations designer Rubin Singer presented his new collection among Lufthansa crew outfits from the past 60 years. The fashion show and backstage impressions were streamed directly to the passengers’ in-flight entertainment systems, or mobile devices via Wi-Fi.

Upon arrival in New York City the press, influencers and the Lufthansa models were invited to a styling event at REDKEN’s headquarters on 5th Avenue.

During the event, the REDKEN team presented latest hair trends and looks, created by REDKEN’s Worldwide Creative Director Guido Palau for New York Fashion Week. Following the presentation press and influencers had the possibility to get styled by international REDKEN artists Sean Godard, Justin Isaac, Giovanni Giuntoli (New York) and Marco Arena (Frankfurt) as well as Gianni di Franca (TheRedken5).

Another exclusive opportunity awaited the participants at the REDKEN headquarters

Besides styling and personalized treatments, three influencers had the exclusive opportunity to try REDKEN’s latest innovation HD Resolution before anybody else in Germany. “This event was a great opportunity for us to introduce a new product to consumers and create social buzz before the product launch in Germany”, states Niko Testen, Managing Director, REDKEN Germany. To the influencers REDKEN’s styling event was the perfect preparation for the forthcoming fashion shows in the city that never sleeps.