Immersive experience in digital for Asia Pacific employees

L’Oréal Asia Pacific further upskills 60 digital experts of the company through a 3-day intensive training.

News Digital Bootcamp 03/17

L’Oréal Asia Pacific successfully conducted its first digital bootcamp dedicated to digital experts.This bootcamp is part of L’Oréal Digital Upskilling programme and was designed for experts to have better understanding of the company’s digital transformation, to learn and inspire by interacting with innovative digital industry leaders, and to build their strategy to drive the business acceleration in their local markets. 
For this pilot session, 60 digital talents from 11 countries of the region gathered in Singapore for 3 immersive days blending sessions with L’Oréal key global and regional leadership and strategic partners in digital content and technology.

A 3-day immersive program to share learnings and inspiration

To expand and strengthen their skillsets in e-commerce, precision marketing and social media, L’Oréal digital experts took part in this program bringing the latest learnings from global and Asia Pacific teams. More than 30 speakers, including L’Oréal teams, beauty digital influencers and strategic Digital Content and Technology partners, shared their insights on digital and consumer trends, upcoming challenges and market best practices.

This training was also an opportunity for the Asia Pacific digital experts to be immersed in the inspiring and innovative offices of fast-paced digital industry leaders and meet their teams to enhance their own network and connections.

An opportunity to strengthen the L’Oréal digital community and interact with key leadership

Together, taking their digital expertise to the next level, digital talents were able to connect with colleagues and exchange inspiring insights and questions. The team also had the opportunity to exchange with and listen to the two leadership sponsors of the program, Lubomira Rochet, Global Digital Chief Officer, and Jochen Zaumseil, Executive Vice-President Asia Pacific Zone.

“Digital transformation is also about new talents, new career paths and new ways of working. Investing in our digital talent is a strategic imperative for L’Oréal to keep improving our capabilities and invent the future of beauty in the digital age”, said Lubomira Rochet, Global Digital Chief Officer L’Oréal.

"The L’Oréal digital experts in Asia Pacific are very proactive, outspoken, and full of innovative ideas within the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) environment in this region. This population is extremely proactive and demanding on new learning & new challenge as reflection of the digital dynamic in Asia. Hence, it is a key strategy for L’Oréal Asia Pacific to keep investing and leveraging them, through exciting career development and upskilling opportunities at the regional and global levels", said Jochen Zaumseil, Executive Vice-President Asia Pacific Zone.

Along with the success of this training, L’Oréal senior management in the Asia Pacific region will continue to benefit from reverse mentoring sessions led by talented young digital experts at the company to further develop their digital knowledge and accelerate the company transformation.

L’Oréal has implemented a massive digital upskilling plan that impacted above 14,000 of our employees since 2015. As part of their role, the digital community dedicates a lot of time upskilling and fostering digitalization of all functions. Thanks to this training, they will be able to cascade the latest learnings and practice to make sure the marketing, communication and sales talents are fully equipped.