Reinventing the Consumer Beauty Experience Through Digital Services

How Beauty Tech is bringing people together

How do you offer a unique beauty consumer experience that is accessible to everyone, at any time? How can our consumers benefit from our digital services in the comfort of their own homes? How can beauty professionals provide their expertise and advice to as wide an audience as possible? And how can you broaden a community that is based on sharing and dialogue? The state of the world today has made all these questions even more important.

At L’Oréal, we believe that the beauty experience is all about personalized advice, sharing and connecting with each other. Whether consumers or cosmetics experts, this unique relationship with each other is important. This year, our teams have been reinventing the way we interact through digital services, live shopping experiences, amongst others, so that we can maintain those special relationships. When technology restores a connection between people, the future of beauty is tangible.

Thanks to digital technologies, we have already created a wide range of services, such as virtual try-on from Modiface, or the customized beauty offering from Perso. All of these put the needs of our consumers first to provide them with a unique experience.

Today, our range of services has been scaled and is now available for our entire product portfolio. From skincare, makeup to hair color, these services are helping to build an even stronger community and to create more opportunities for people to come together.

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How L’Oréal has been reinventing the Beauty Experience in the past months

Developing new services to meet our consumers’ needs

In just eight weeks, our digital teams created online services that offered the same quality of advice and expertise as in-store. Three new augmented services – Virtual try-on during Livestream video (one to many), Virtual try-on during one-to-one beauty consultations  and LiveShopping– were launched for our brands. Every one of them was designed to help our consumers reinvent their beauty experience at home.


Digital services launched in 2020


Brands used LiveShopping online, with 50 Live Shopping Events


Visits from our consumers to our Digital Services

Creating interactions through digital

Virtual try-on during Livestream and LiveShopping

We believe that Beauty is a shared experience. And we know that for many people, social media platforms are a chance to have some ‘me time’, especially when things are difficult. That’s why we decided to give influencers as well as beauty experts the chance to share more content and more of their experience with consumers. To do that, we created two live video services: Virtual try-on during Livestream and LiveShopping.

Our brands organized these live beauty tutorials, in partnership with leading beauty experts and influencers who are recognized for their passion for beauty. Thanks to Livestream, they could do color tutorials, try-on different shades virtually and share their recommendations in real time with their community in a truly interactive environment. LiveShopping added to this experience by offering viewers the chance to purchase the products shown during the show, at special offer prices.

Today, 10 of our brands in five countries offer this service to our customers, with more than 50 live shopping events already held!

From global to 1-to-1 consultation

Every type of beauty is unique. To make our advice and recommendations even more personalized, our teams created truly individual one-to-one consultations.They allow thousands of consumers to benefit from personalized one to one advice from a beauty expert.

Beauty Maestro Services by Armani, for example, offers a 30-minute video consultation with a brand expert.

Thanks to Modiface’s virtual try-on technology, our consumers could rediscover the pleasures of trying on make-up in-store with a private consultation from the comfort of their sofa.



The success of virtual try-on and skin analyzers

With our HairColor virtual try-on service, consumers could do a test of their next hair color, again without leaving home. Highlights, bright or dark colors… the possibilities are almost endless. Our virtual try-on service had five times as many users during lockdown as in normal times. And it wasn’t the only one to prove highly popular.

Our two other flagship services, makeup try-on and skin analyzer, both registered a sharp rise in use. The virtual makeup try-on is now available for the vast majority of our color shades, while brands like Vichy and L’Oréal Paris offer the personalized skin analyzer on their websites.

"How grateful I am for this technology and to speak to someone who understands!"

From a Spanish speaking client connected to one of IT Cosmetics Beauty Advisor

Focusing on a digital future

The events of the past year have shown that we need to keep reinventing the Beauty experience to meet the needs of our consumers.

A new future lies ahead, and a new experience for those consumers. Soon, they will have access to improved versions of our flagship services - makeup try-on, hair color try-on and skin analyzer. There could also be opportunities in other beauty areas, such as hair care and fragrances, such as the newly launched Haircare diagnosis from Kérastase.   

At a time of crisis, the collaboration between our research, marketing and digital teams, along with our Modiface technology, is leading to a new era of beauty. One that is available anywhere, anytime and to anyone. Delivered from a smartphone or a computer, it will be ever more personalized and interactive.


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