L’Oréal Fund for Nature Regeneration

Investing in nature

At L’Oréal, we have long been committed to respecting biodiversity. Yet we believe that reducing our footprint across our value chain is insufficient. We want to help repair the damages already done to our planet and turn the rate of biodiversity loss around.

To do this, L’Oréal launched the L’Oréal Fund for Nature Regeneration. This 50 million euro fund was designed with an innovative new approach: it is an impact investment fund, which means it can secure a return on investment while also creating positive environmental and social value.

Its portfolio includes projects that support the regeneration of degraded land, mangroves as well the restoration of marine areas and forests. By boosting biodiversity, it aims to create carbon dioxide sinks, thereby reducing the impacts of climate change, all while offering fresh opportunities for communities and local economies (sustainable agriculture and fisheries, ecotourism, commercialization of carbon credits). Projects allow them to live in a healthier environment, benefit from new economic opportunities and enhance resilience to climate change:


By 2030, the L'Oréal Fund for Nature Regeneration will have helped restore 1 million hectares of degraded ecosystems.


By 2030, the Fund will have helped capture 15 to 20 million tons of CO2 emissions.


By 2030, the Fund will have created hundreds of job opportunities.

The Fund is a positive solution for tackling nature and climate emergencies and could become a powerful tool if adopted by more business actors. Better management of biodiversity could help sequester up to 30% of the GHG emissions which must be eliminated, yet it attracts only 3% of funding dedicated to climate change. With this Fund, the Group is demonstrating that corporate investment in nature can be an economically attractive and viable activity in the long-term and an additional lever of action for businesses, complementing more traditional corporate responsibility initiatives or philanthropic programs.

To create the L’Oréal Fund for Nature Regeneration, L’Oréal has teamed up with Mirova, the asset management company affiliated to Natixis Investment Managers dedicated to sustainable investment, and one of the pioneers in natural capital investment.

Discover the Initiatives Supported by the Fund


Applications to the L’Oréal Fund for Nature Regeneration will be held open from 2020 to 2023 and accepted on a rolling basis.

Are eligible: Project holders and on the ground organizations which contribute to the conservation and the regeneration of marine, coastal, and forest ecosystems, generating a reasonable return on investments, by aiming at sustainably valuing natural capital from forests, soil, seabed, and coastal ecosystems.

Prior to applying online, please check the eligibility of your project against the L’Oréal Fund for Nature Regeneration Eligibility Criteria and with the help of the Self-Assessment Form.  


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