L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women In Science program celebrates its 25th anniversary

25 years of engagement to empower female scientists  

For 25 years, the Fondation L’Oréal and UNESCO have been working together to empower and promote women in science through the For Women in Science program. This visionary partnership has placed the issue of gender equality in science high on the international agenda by highlighting the work of many outstanding women scientists, accelerating women's pathways to leadership in science, and inspiring the next generation of women researchers.


The world needs science, and science needs women


In the domain of scientific research, the glass ceiling remains a reality: 33% of scientific researchers around the world are women, only 18% of academic positions of high responsibility in Europe are held by women, and less than 4% of Nobel prizes in fields of science are awarded to them.


Our achievements over the past 25 years



Laureates honored for their excellence in science, including five who have gone on to win a scientific Nobel Prize


Women scientists have been recognized


Young Talents (PhD candidates and post-doctorates) were supported through grants and leadership training

Discover The 2023 Five Laureates

Latin America and the Caribbean

Professor Anamaria Font


Africa and the Arab States

Professor Suzana Nunes


Asia and the Pacific

Professor Lidia Morawska



Professor Frances Kirwan


North America

Professor Aviv Regev

"In the time of a generation, the For Women in Science program has contributed to creating a real transformation by raising the profile of women representing every continent and breaking new ground in all disciplines. However, while we are conscious of the progress we have made, we remain determined, as the task remains significant. The presence of women in science and particularly in senior positions is still too low due to the gender inequality and discrimination they still have to face.”

- Alexandra Palt, CEO of the Fondation L’Oréal  

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