International Awards for Social Responsibility in Dermatology - Now accepting applications

In June 2019, the International Awards for Social Responsibility in Dermatology (IASRD) will be held at the World Congress of Dermatology (WCD) in Milan. These 3rd IASRD will once again reward social initiatives led by dermatologists having a positive impact on skin health, and on support and care of patients facing skin problems. This initiative is spearheaded by L’Oréal in partnership with the International League of Dermatological Societies (ILDS) and the WCD.

What projects are eligible for the International Awards for Social Responsibility in Dermatology?

This 3rd edition of the Awards will be rewarding projects submitted in three categories. The first category concerns skin health prevention and education, such as information workshops and advice on environmental factors and healthy living. The IASRD also honor initiatives that improve the quality of life and self-esteem of people facing skin issues, through physical and psychological support beyond their medical treatment. The third and last category concerns projects promoting access to treatment and corrective surgery, such as free consultations, nurse training, or makeup workshops.

The winners of the International Awards for Social Responsibility in Dermatology

Five winners will be selected, one from each major ILDS region (Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Africa-Middle East). Each winner will receive a €20,000 grant, to be awarded by an independent committee of five dermatologists from the ILDS, representing these same regions. You can see the winners of the last Awards, held in 2015, here.

How is L’Oréal involved?

From treatments to self-esteem, from improving well-being to social integration, the projects receiving awards will embody the values that L’Oréal considers essential. For people with dermatological issues, skincare is not just about physical health. It also involves well-being and self-esteem that goes beyond treatment; because proper care also makes it possible to enjoy a social life with greater confidence. The L’Oréal Group, well aware of the importance of these matters, supports and contributes to the development of innovative dermatological social initiatives around the world.

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