SkinAlliance 2018: L'Oréal experts meet rising international dermatologists

Created 5 years ago by the L’Oréal Active Cosmetics Division, the SkinAlliance Forum is a highly scientific training program for dermatologists from all over the world. For its third edition, more than 200 participants from 34 countries attended this 2-day program. Focus on the 2018 edition:

The SkinAlliance Forum aims to provide up-to-date knowledge on the science behind dermocosmetics to a select group of rising and future key opinion leaders. This third edition welcomed 33 speakers, including 16 internationally renowned specialists and 17 L’Oréal research experts. These specialists were present to train the 130 rising dermatologists willing to explore, understand and discover the science emerging from our research and innovation teams - as Brigitte Liberman, President Active Cosmetics Division for L’Oréal, explained, “I am very pleased because SkinAlliance allows us to share with our partners, the dermatologists, all our expertise and research in dermocosmetics”.

During this immersive highly-scientific 2-day training program, the participants had the chance to attend several interactive plenary sessions and workshops on more than 30 leading scientific topics, such as new trends in:

  • The exposome and photopollution;
  • Photoprotection, pigmentation and the effects of visible light;
  • The skin microbiome and its role in inflammatory skin diseases;
  • Personalized skincare.

The SkinAlliance Forum creates a dialogue between dermatologists and expert scientists from the L’Oréal Research and Innovation team. “Researchers like to share, so we need this contact with people outside of our community”, outlines Philippe Barbarat, L’Oréal R&I.

The SkinAlliance Forum is, therefore, the ideal conference where dermatologists can learn about hot topics and research in dermatology: “What really strikes me is that L’Oréal has been doing research for decades, is the leader in research and I really didn’t expect that” says Dr. Bas Wind from Belgium.

This event is also a great way to discover the future of dermatology and research. “I saw a lot of advances, so it is a very good opportunity for me to know what is going to be in the future in dermocosmetics and what to expect from them”, outlines Dr. Amin Sharobim from Egypt.

Above all, the SkinAlliance program is building a worldwide community of dermatologists committed to dermocosmetics.

Find the sessions of this 2-day training and the highlights of this event on the website and on the Twitter account @SkinAlliance.

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