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Clichy, 9 November 2023 –  L’Oréal Groupe today announces an exclusive, industry-first partnership with Cosmo International Fragrances to bring a Green Sciences-based extraction process to revolutionize the art of fine fragrance creation. Developed by Cosmo International Fragrances and made exclusively available to L’Oréal, the patent-pending technology is a waterless, low-energy, slow extraction process that reveals the exact smell of an ingredient while preserving its integrity. This breakthrough Green Sciences process delivers the luxury of authenticity, opening the door to new fragrance frontiers and enlarging the fragrance-maker’s scent library to include 100% natural and pure scent extracts.


“We are thrilled to partner with Cosmo International Fragrances and demonstrate the power of open innovation ‘from field to fragrance’ while honoring our L’Oréal for the Future sustainability commitments. Through this Green Sciences extraction process, we can experience the olfactive power of flowers in an authentic way, as if walking in a garden, field or forest,” said Barbara Lavernos, Deputy Chief Executive Officer in charge of Research, Innovation and Technology, L’Oréal. “With more than 100 in-house fragrance experts working in the Groupe, this exclusive alliance brings together a tour de force of perfumery anchored in its very heartland.”


L’Oréal Groupe and Cosmo International Fragrances share a common vision to create fine fragrances through innovative and sustainable methods that elevate natural ingredients while limiting environmental impact. Using only air, the extraction technology harnesses the volatile fragrance molecules of flowers, fruits and other natural ingredients without the need for heating, cooling or chemical solvents used in conventional scent extraction. Flowers retain their integrity and at the end of the process, can be recycled and re-used in a second extraction, helping reduce waste.


“True-to-life scents are the perfumer’s dream come true and the ultimate luxury quality. Together with Cosmo International Fragrances, our brands will take fine fragrance crafting to new heights by offering unprecedented olfactive authenticity, allowing natural ingredients to express their full olfactive identity like never before,” said Cyril Chapuy, President of L’Oréal Luxe. “As the world leader in fine fragrances, embracing sustainability throughout the whole fragrance value chain is not just a choice: it’s our conviction. From ingredient sourcing to refill adoption, we are innovating at every step to reduce our impact and shift towards a more responsible fragrance model. This partnership with Cosmo International Fragrances allows us to inaugurate a new era of mindful crafting for our luxury fragrances.”


“We are excited to work with L’Oréal as our first-ever partner, as they are uniquely placed to bring the transformational power of Green Sciences to the art of perfume-making on a large scale,” said Marc Blaison, President, Cosmo International Fragrances. “Together, our combined expertise in fine fragrances and commitment to the planet will deliver unique, consciously-made and exquisitely executed perfume creations to fragrance connoisseurs all over the world.”


With the fine fragrance market going from strength to strength and consumers seeking ever new and unique accords, the partners’ first collaboration will focus on bringing tuberose’s natural floral signature to a future fine fragrance targeted for release in 2024.

About L’Oréal

For over 110 years, L’Oréal, the world’s leading beauty player, has devoted itself to one thing only: fulfilling the beauty aspirations of consumers around the world. Our purpose, to create the beauty that moves the world, defines our approach to beauty as inclusive, ethical, generous and committed to social and environmental sustainability. With our broad portfolio of 37 international brands and ambitious sustainability commitments in our L’Oréal for the Future programme, we offer each and every person around the world the best in terms of quality, efficacy, safety, sincerity and responsibility, while celebrating beauty in its infinite plurality.

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About Cosmo International Fragrances

Created over 40 years ago, Cosmo International Fragrances is a private family-owned company dedicated to fragrance creation and committed to redefining the fragrance industry. Located in strategic areas around the globe, Cosmo International Fragrances has established its creative and production centers in the United States, Europe and Asia, and has set up its R&D center for Natural Ingredients and Technologies in Mougins, Pays de Grasse. More information at www.cosmo-fragrances.com.

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