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Earth Month Spotlight: Sustainable Innovation at Our North Little Rock Plant

Earth Month Spotlight: Sustainable Innovation at Our North Little Rock Plant

In the heart of Arkansas, L’Oréal USA’s North Little Rock plant is revolutionizing beauty manufacturing through a commitment to environmental and operational excellence.

As L’Oréal’s largest makeup manufacturing facility, North Little Rock plays a pivotal role in the Consumer Product Division (CPD) as the lead production site for Maybelline New York, producing mascaras, concealers, powders, nail products, lipsticks and more. North Little Rock also supports select L’Oréal Luxe Division brands like Lancôme, Urban Decay and IT Cosmetics.

In line with key targets for L'Oréal For The Future to have 100% of the water used in our industrial processes recycled and reused in a loop and 100% of our industrial sites have a positive impact on biodiversity, the North Little Rock facility champions sustainable production practices, striving for biodiversity conservation, energy efficiency, resource optimization, waste reduction, and water conservation. To date, the North Little Rock plant has achieved significant milestones in sustainability and continues to move towards these targets.

Solar Power and Efficient Energy

Renewable energy refers to energy sources like wind, water and sunlight that are naturally replenished and can be used without depleting their finite resources. In 2017, North Little Rock installed 1.2 megawatts (MW) of solar energy across 3,500 panels on-site to provide a renewable energy source to power operations. The plant has also transitioned to100% LED lighting, reducing energy consumption and promoting energy efficiency.

At L’Oréal, water is an essential component in creating and using our products and is central to our business. Our ability to operate effectively and meet all the needs of our consumers depends on sustainable water access, management and conservation.

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Biodiversity is vital in the design and performance of our products, and we invest sustainably not only to preserve but also to restore the biodiversity already lost. By working to reduce the impact on biodiversity loss across all our operations, we aim to have a positive impact on local ecosystems everywhere we operate. Protecting biodiversity is essential to help preserve natural resources and maintain ecological balance. North Little Rock supports its local ecosystem with sustainable garden plants, hummingbird feeders and local honeybee hives, contributing to the preservation of these vital pollinators.

Reducing Water Use and Respecting Biodiversity

Innovation plays a key role in protecting one of the world’s most valuable resources: water. To manage water sustainably on site in North Little Rock, the plant has implemented six air-cooled chillers in place of conventional cooling towers, resulting in a 50% reduction in water consumption. A rainwater collection system actively conserves 13,000 gallons of gardening water each month to irrigate the site’s surrounding landscape.

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These achievements reflect our dedication to sustainable practices and our ongoing commitment to creating a positive impact on the environment, surrounding North Little Rock community, and future of our planet.


To learn more about these sustainable operations and practices, click here to take a virtual tour of the North Little Rock facility. 

For more about our global sustainability program, L’Oreal for the Future, click here.

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