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The Industry of the Future

We built the industry of the future that is automated and digital with experts and cutting edge technology that include agile lines, autoguided vehicles, 3D printing mock-ups for manufacturing and remote assist augmented reality glasses. With 38 factories worldwide, we have a solid industrial footprint close to our consumers in the key growth markets for L’Oréal. The industry of the future is also responsible and promotes sustainable production. It is also inclusive and fully plays the role that it must play, especially socially, in the ecosystem where we operate.

Discover through this "Secrets Of The Superfactories" series, the factory that embodies the industry of the future to adapt to challenges of today and the needs of our consumers. Matthieu Delebarre, Factory Director, opens the doors of our Caudry plant, specialized in skincare for L'Oréal's luxury brands. Our factories are a place of innovation, a place where cutting-edge technologies shape the future of the industry, and the perfect place for engineers who want to push the boundaries.

The full segment will be featured on specific TV channels globally.


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Discover High Tech Industry in L’Oréal

Discover how new tech is boosting agility and responsiveness and better meet the needs of our consumers and employees.

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