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The Fondation L’Oréal And UNESCO – 23 Years For Women In Science

The Fondation L'Oréal and UNESCO unveiled the 23rd For Women in Science International Awards, which honor five eminent women scientists.
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L'Oréal is recognized by the CDP as a leader in the 'Supplier Engagement'

In December 2020, for the 5th consecutive year, L'Oréal was awarded an 'A' for each of the three themes evaluated by CDP: the tackle of climate change, deforestation and water security.
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L’Oréal Receives Multiple Recognitions For Gender Equity

As part of our long-term strategy dedicated to Diversity & Inclusion, L’Oréal has been committed to promoting gender equity for over 15 years.
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L’Oréal Joins The New EU Green Consumption Pledge

The EU Commission launched a new initiative: the European Union’s Green Consumption Pledge that was joined by five pioneer companies, including L’Oréal.
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L’Oréal launches its Global Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board

The Board’s role is to foster open discussion on how to strengthen L’Oréal‘s commitments and enrich our Diversity & Inclusion strategy.

A Triple ‘A’ Cdp Rating For our Environmental Actions

For the fifth year in a row, L’Oréal recognized as a world environmental leader with triple ‘A’ CDP Rating, for its actions to tackle climate change, protect forests and ensure water security
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Break the Silence: Commited to Improve Inclusion

On the International Day for Persons with Disabilities, L’Oréal unveils new commitments and we encourage our employee’s readiness to #BreaktheSilence.
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Ethics Day 2020: An unprecedent year for an unprecedented Ethics Day

Since its very edition in 2009, Ethics Day has become a key moment in the year of all L’Oréal Employees.
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Men Expert for Movember: Because Men’s Health is Worth it

As a brand with men at its heart, L’Oréal Men Expert aims to help remove the stigma around male depression, committing even further through the Movember Conversations platform .
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L’Oréal signs Statement from Business Leaders

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the United Nations and the 20th anniversary of UN Global Compact, Jean-Paul Agon expresses L'Oréal's support for the UN and for inclusive multilateralism by signing the Statement from Business Leaders for Renewed Global Cooperation.