Six Character Traits for Success at L’Oréal

Six Character Traits for Success at L’Oréal

Be flexible, entrepreneurial and a people person

For Daniela at Kiehl’s, these three traits are fundamental for finding your way in the company. Firstly, flexibility because “in your role you often have to wear different hats as things are constantly changing because our market is changing”. Secondly, an entrepreneurial minset to ensure you have “full ownership of your projects, know every detail from the strategy to why a particular packaging colour or formula was picked”. Finally, in a collaborative organization, being a people person is vital if you are going to get the best results.

Be motivated and manage complexity

While Justin at Kiehl’s agrees that being entrepreneurial is important, he adds that you’ve also got to be super driven and good with complexity. At L’Oréal, people tend to move quickly through the organisation with early responsibility and often handling a number of projects at once. For Justin, someone with these two character traits “will not only have a great career and propel forward quickly but will also get an experience that they wouldn’t get anywhere else.”

Believe in yourself and your ideas

For Rosella at The Body Shop, there’s one primary personality trait that will help you get ahead at L’Oréal: a firm belief in your ideas. As she says: “In a sense you need to be a fighter because of the challenges you face every day, the competition, you need to have an idea and the strength to say ‘these are my ideas, let’s go with them’”