Discover our Insights on Chinese Beauty

Developed in partnership with L'Oréal's Consumer & Market Insights department and Ipsos, the study "Portraits of Chinese Women" unveils the beauty rituals of Chinese women.

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In contemporary China, beauty is associated with some form of social success.

It is a beauty that passes mainly through the face, hence the particular importance given to the care of the skin.  Cleaning and care are essential, twice a day on average with a very important evening routine to release the skin impurities of the day. Face masks and sunscreen are also highly praised by Chinese women.

If care is to be effective, 77% of women feel that the product should contain natural ingredients.

As for makeup, a category that is still under-invested today in China, it is experiencing a real explosion among young girls who are fond of gloss and mascara.

In China too, the millenials run the market!