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Microbiome, exposome, nanotechnologies, synthetic biology, transformable materials, connected tools, 3D bioprinting, digital diagnosis, smart sensors, etc., do these terms seem obscure? If so, check out the new brochure AN EYE ON RESEARCH …

These topics will be popping up more and more: they are new scientific fields and recent technologies, areas full of promise for the beauty business. Some have already been integrated by L’Oreal teams, others are being explored to support the group’s forthcoming innovations.

One of the missions of the Scientific Directorate is to popularize these emerging fields, translating them into simple terms, and explaining what they cover, the perspectives they offer and how they can be applied to beauty. This is what has been done in the first edition of An Eye on Research.

Four major themes can be found in the first issue: the exposome, the human microbiome, synthetic biology and personalized cosmetics. Helping discover what impact the environment has on the skin, why our bodies are colonized by billions of micro-organisms and what purpose they serve, how researchers can get bacteria to produce interesting molecules in the future and how L’Oréal teams can meet the challenge of creating tailor-made cosmetics.

And for the smile, L’Oreal has asked the artist Fiamma Luzzatti to add a touch of … scientific humour!

Every year, the Scientific Directorate will review recent progress in science and technologies. An opportunity to discover how L’Oreal decided to make the most of some of them to feed into our innovations of tomorrow.

Enjoy the brochure!

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