#FACEAWOMEN, L’Oréal celebrate Women Empowerment!

What does it mean to #FACEAWOMAN?

Because beauty is about women empowerment, L'Oréal launches an intimate interview series celebrating women from across the globe. It is a call to connect with, understand, be moved by, celebrate and uplift all women - no matter their background.

Discover their inspiring, captivating and unfiltered stories.

Face A Woman
Because together we create the beauty that moves the world, join the movement by using the #Faceawoman hashtag on social media. Be part of the movement: celebrate empowerment.

A long standing commitment to women empowerment

At L’Oréal, women represent:


of the total workforce

(in 2021) 


of the members of the Board

(in 2020)


of the total research department

(in 2021)


What does it mean to face a woman? Truly face her.

To see her doubts, her vulnerability, but also, every bit of her success.

To understand her passions, aspirations, but also, what makes her wake up to change her world.

When you face a woman, one you just met, one you've always known, the one in the mirror, you face endless questions. you face hopes, countless dreams.

Face a woman. understand her, know her, celebrate her, be inspired by her,
Face a woman. Face the force of change.

Discover Our empowerment actions

L’Oréal supports and encourages powerful actions for women empowerment. Discover our stories.

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