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Instantly try hundreds of Maybelline makeup products on yourself, from your mobile or computer, thanks to the Virtual Try-on !

Try how a new red lipstick or blue eyeshadow will look on you before buying, without leaving your home. The Virtual Makeup try-on technology available on the Maybelline website allows you to try live all Maybelline Makeup products in your own phone with just a few clicks.

How does it work?

Available at

  • Choose the product you want to try on
  • Find good natural light
  • Launch your live camera or upload a picture
  • Select the shade you would like to try
  • And see instantly the result on yourself
  • You can see the result of the before/after makeup application, compare between 4 different shades, and share your selfie on social media to ask your friends what they think about your new style.

Discover Maybelline New York Shade Try On

Try on any Make-Up Shade Virtually

The technology behind

Thanks to Modiface's Augmented Reality technology, you can shop all the Maybelline products online without being afraid of how it will look on you. It allows you to try on dozen of shades without having to remove your makeup. The Virtual Try-on technology uses an advanced face tracker algorithm that detects where your lips, eyes, cheeck, etc. are and applies virtual cosmetics on this zone. You can move your head and mouth and the lipstick will follow your lips realistically.

Privacy and data

We do not store any personal data during this experience. When you share your picture on social media, Maybelline keeps such picture for the time necessary to achieve this purpose then deletes it. Your picture is not used for other purpose than social media sharing. For more information, please see Maybelline privacy policy on their website.

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